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When are our books due?

REMEMBER, Library books are due the day BEFORE you have Library.  The reason is so that I can have the books all checked in and not have to be doing that as you all get to the Library and we can spend more time together.  THANK YOU!


One Book, One School

Welcome to the Library

Return your Library Books on Time


It is the beginning of the year, Welcome Back!  Some students have overdue books from last year.  Please look everywhere for those overdue books and turn them in right away.  Missing Library books stay on your record until your either turn your book in, or you pay the fine to replace the book.  This is true even if you move schools.  If you owe a book at a different school, and are now attending Chelwood, you can bring your Library book to me and I will send it to the Library to which it belongs. 

Come visit the Library!

Online Resources

Access Classlink from anywhere. Just use your APS school I.D. and password.

See your librarian for database usernames and


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