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Before and After School Procedures

Please follow these rules for the safety of our children

  • Students are not permitted anywhere on campus before 7:10 am (by the school clock)
  • Breakfast will be in the classrooms after the bell. 


  • Check Out Policy/Leaving Early

 We do NOT check students out after 1:45 p.m. Leaving school prior to the dismissal time will be counted as an absence if the dismissal time  exceeds two hours.

In the event you need to check out your child, you must come to the office with a valid photo I.D. and be at least 18 years of age. Students may only be checked out by those who are on the pickup list. We will not make any exceptions. At any time during the school year, legal guardians can add or delete any names on the emergency list by going to their ParentVue account.

Student Pick-Up/Drop-Off Procedures

  • Student drop-off and pick-up is along the EAST side of campus. Traffic runs from north (Eastridge) to south (Constitution) 
  • Families walking to school are asked to use the crosswalk at the west gate on Chelwood and Constitution or the crosswalk on La Charles and Constitution.
  • The south (front) parking lot is for DAYCARE VANS AND STAFF ONLY. The only exception is if you have a handicap parking placard.
  • The north (back) parking lot is closed all day. There is no entrance or exit for families.

Please do NOT park in the front parking lot. It is for daycare buses only.

  • Vehicles with handicapped tags must park their vehicle and walk their student to and from their car. Unless arrangements have been made in the school office, you may not just drop off your child off in the parking lot. It is for the safety of the students that you wait until all daycare buses have left the parking lot before you leave.
  • Obey the person who is directing cars and students...without exception.  If you don't, there could be a real tragedy.. and you will be held liable.
  • There are no exceptions to these rules, and if you get angry or upset because your are "late" or "the line is too slow" ..we are doing the best we can, but we will not allow unsafe acts, and we will tell you if you are going against these rules. WE ARE HERE TO PROTECT AND SAFEGUARD OUR STUDENTS.

Families who refuse to follow our safety standards may lose access to our campus.